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25 Years experience of operating various trucks in a variety of different environments, knowing the pressures of what the job entails.

On- Site specialists.

We have conducted training on site for many years and in that time we have learned to adapt to all situations we find ourselves in and always try to be flexible in our approach to the business needs.

One Stop Training.

We not only cater for all your forklift truck training but we also provide Health and Safety Training, in addition manual handling and risk assessment training.

Great after sales service.

We will always be available to answer all queries before and after training.
Reduced costs. If an operator is trained correctly they will be increase the profitability of your company through safe operation and lower maintenance costs, an untrained operator can increase your costs due to lack of experience and knowledge of the truck limitations.

To comply with the law.

Employers have a legal duty to provide adequate training for people in their employment who are going to operate on their premises. Also when basic training is completed to provide Specific job training and Familiarisation before written authorisation is issued.

Competitive prices.

We keep our prices low, offering fully accredited forklift truck training at very reasonable prices.

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