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If you are currently an ITSSAR registered instructor looking to re-register, or are looking to take the first step to becoming an instructor then we have the course for you.
We will conduct your instructor courses on your site; this will give you the benefit of using your own trucks in familiar surroundings.


The courses that we run are as follows:-

10 day ITSSAR Instructor Training Course

This course is aimed at operators who wish to become ITSSAR registered instructors. On successful completion of the course it will enable you to train operators to ITSSAR standards, either in-house or on a commercial basis.

5 day ITSSAR Instructor Re-Registration Course

This course is aimed at existing cat 1 instructors who train on an occasional basis or train in-house. The course is for instructors whose qualification is due to be renewed.

5 day ITSSAR Instructor Direct Entry Course

This course is aimed at current instructors who are qualified under a different accrediting body and wish to transfer over to ITSSAR.

5 Day Methods Of Instruction/In House Instructor Course

This Course is aimed at operators who wish to learn the correct teaching methods and also conduct training in house.

3 Day ITSSAR Instructor Re-Registration Course

This course is aimed at cat 1 instructors who train on a commercial basis and their registration is due to expire.
All courses are inclusive and you are provided as standard with the following:-

· Instructional techniques handouts
· Test fee’s and registration fees
· Health and Safety literature
· Training materials
· ITSSAR Instructor compendium
· ITSSAR Registration card

The only course that you will not recieve the ITSSAR registration card is the 5 day methods of Instruction/In house Instructor course, you will recieve a certificate of attendance.
All instructors who attend the course must have certification for the truck they are training on, and have passed within the last 12 months.

After sales service

As new instructors you are always nervous when running your first course. At L T Dickinson Training Limited we will send an instructor into your workplace and provide support for your new instructors when they run their first course.
This is not something that all companies want but it is an option if required.

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